6 Scientific Reasons Social Networks Are Bad for Society | The Google+ Project | Scoop.it
We always knew computer networks would destroy the world, we just thought they'd get super-intelligent first. Instead, we got social networks, which act as a stupidity X-ray: You suddenly see through the intelligent people your friends pretend to be to the LOLing Farmville players underneath. Some smart people decided to study these networks, and found that they're a bigger threat to society than Skynet. At least the rise of those machines forced us to band together and do things.#6 Everyone (Correctly) Assumes You're an Egocentric Asshole#5 Thousands of Friends Means None#4 They're Reinstalling Sexism#3 They're Full of Psychos#2 Social Networks Are Full of Whiners#1 Social Networks Prevent People From Being Social and Networking