What Google+ Learned from Buzz and Wave | Gina Trapani in Smarterware | The Google+ Project | Scoop.it
I've been been watching Google flail around social web apps for a few years now, so what I appreciate most about Google+ is that it's a well-thought out product informed by past experience. The more I use Google+, the more I see just how many lessons Google learned from Wave and Buzz, such as:
- Don't launch a social product without email notifications.
- Field-test the hell out of a social product before public release, with real users.
- Don't mess with the Gmail inbox.
- Build a product for users first, not developers.
- Don't make a separate monolith or an invasive add-on.
- Launch with a great, functional mobile app.
- Launch with a stupidly awesome "Send feedback" mechanism.
- Don't make tech authors want to write a book about it