Google+ May Not Kill Facebook But Flickr Should Be Worried | Damien Franco, Pixiq via @brasonja | The Google+ Project |
Google+ may or may not be the facebook killer everyone is talking about. Right now, that's okay. I'm more concerned about photography and photographers than I am over what my cousin is doing over the 4th of July weekend.

Flickr used to be my main hangout. That was before Twitter. That was before Facebook. But I would still occasionally head over to Flickr to do some photo-centric networking. It may be too early to state but I may be heading to Flickr even less now because of Google+ and I imagine that many photographers will find their habits going in the same direction.

So how's the photography community at Google+? It's great and it's thriving. It'll continue to do so with some really great photographers sharing great photography content and having engaging conversations on photography.