What I lost on the Google+ Diet - Mike Elgan | The Google+ Project | Scoop.it
Google+ Diet? Yes, it's possible, and yes, it's desirable.

More interestingly, however, I found out all kinds of surprising things about Google+ and about using Google+ as the one-and-only medium for online communication. Here's what I learned:

- A lot of people want to get on the Google+ Diet
- Google+ is the most 'social' social network
- Google+ is highly addictive
- Gmail is an inseparable part of Google+
- Google+ replaces Twitter easier than it replaces Facebook
- Google+ can replace blogging
- Most people have no interest in leaving Facebook
- You can post on Twitter and Facebook and send e-mail all from Google+
- Google+ ends social networking fatigue, but can induce Google+ fatigue
- Google+'s system for friending and following is harder to understand, but better in practice
- Google+ is still a work in progress
- Google+ is a platform for third-party innovation