The Futurist Magazine's Top Ten Forecasts for 2014 and Beyond | World Future Society | The Futurist Magazine's Top Ten |

"// 1. Thanks to big data, the environment around you will anticipate your every move.

// 2. We will revive recently extinct species.

// 3. By 2020 populations will shrink, and wealth will shrink with them.

// 4. Doctors will see brain diseases many years before they arise.

// 5.Buying and owning things will go out of style.
// 6. Quantum computing could lead the way to true artificial intelligence.
// 7. Phytoplankton death will further disrupt aquatic ecosystems.
// 8. The future of science is in the hands of crowdsourcing amateurs.
// 9. Fusion-fueled rockets could significantly reduce the potential time and cost of sending humans to Mars.
// 10. Atomically precise manufacturing will make machinery, infrastructure, and other systems more productive and less expensive"



Via Ralph Schneider