Rechargeable Battery Dispensers | The Future of Waste |

A whole lot of batteries are used in daily life. Invariably they are single use alkaline batteries. Sometimes people buy rechargable batteries but have problems with losing chargers or not being able to wait for the battery to recharge.


Entery Bettery, a company setting up rechargeable battery dispensers in Portland and Seattle, USA. The idea is that you buy an initial pack of rechargable batteries for $10 a four pack, and then return the batteries to replace with  recharged units for $2.50 a four pack. This is a similar concept to the "Swap-N-Go" concept for LPG (barbeque gas) cylinders in Australia.


A great idea. My only reservation is that the batteries can't be recharged (as far as I can tell) by the purchaser. You have to return the battery to get it recharged. I would have thought that a great additional offering would be to sell home rechargers too, giving people who are happy to wait that option. It would seem to make the offering better rounded, and less reliant on Bettery.


The dispensers are debuting at Whole Foods stores.


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