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The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) are looking for ways to reuse recycled cathode ray tube (CRT) glass from computer monitors and television sets, with a US$10,000 prize for the best proposal.


It is expected that more than 2 billion pounds of legacy CRT TVs and monitors will enter the recycling stream in the coming years. Historically, CRT glass has gone back into new CRT displays. WIth this market rapidly diminishing, new recycling options are needed.


Previous winners are:


Mario Rosato, who proposed a closed-loop process for separating the lead from the glass in a form with high market value;

Nulife Glass Processing, which proposed a process that uses an extremely energy-efficient electrically heated furnace, uniquely designed to produce minimal emissions; and

Robert Kirby, who submitted an idea for combining CRT glass with cement to create tile and bricks that are tested, labeled and sold specifically for applications where lead shielding is required, such as X-ray and fluoroscopy rooms.


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