We need pedagogy, not just cool tools | The Future of Education  - Where do we go now? | Scoop.it

The hype to use the latest and greatest digital tools – rather than the meaningful use of technology – is like driving a cool car without any vision for where we want to go.


Let’s take the focus off the tool; Instead, let’s focus on:


- the pedagogy behind the tool and use it because it addresses our students’ cognitive needs, not because it is available or exciting.


- developing critical thinkers with the ability to find, reflect on, curate and synthesise information.


- developing lifelong learners who will be able to create and use their Personal Learning Networks to self-educate and grow.


- educating digital citizens, that is, responsible members of an increasingly global and interconnected world who know their rights and responsibilities; people who can make informed decisions about the content they create or share and its impact on themselves and on the other members of a digital community.

Via Gust MEES, Miloš Bajčetić