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Mobile Marketing Matters NOW

Mobile marketing matters now if for no other reason than your company, brand or product can't miss another marketing revolution.

Here is why:

• Email
• Intimacy
• Darwin
• Emotion
• Influencers
• Social
• Network Effect
• iPad and Flipboard and Zite

Here is one thing that caught my attention:


Mobile phones are friends, the new time keepers, wallets (the new picture keepers) and an always on connection most never break (believe me I’ve tried)


If such an intimate connection is grudgingly true for my generation it is axiomatic for the next generation and a forgone conclusion for the one after that. Watch your children’s behaviors or try to take their cells and please film reactions.

Mobile marketing is more intimate than email or social network marketing. Increased intimacy means different stories, graphics and navigation (at least).

Can your company, no matter what business you inhibit, afford to seed another marketing tsunami?

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Amazon Heats Up the Fight for Mobile Audiences

Amazon Heats Up the Fight for Mobile Audiences | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

Amazon introduced four new devices to the world yesterday, one made specifically for multimedia and each at an attention-grabbing low price.

**Three new Kindle e-readers and the Kindle Fire tablet will connect Amazon more closely with content and consumers than ever before.

The company is careful not to call the Kindle Fire a tablet, however, preferring to position it as a new class of Kindle to avoid confusing it with laptop-replacement devices like Apple’s market dominating iPad.

**For $199, the Kindle Fire (pictured) delivers the user’s choice of over 100,000 streamed, downloaded, rented or purchased movies and television shows from Amazon Instant Video.

**It’s also integrated with the unlimited commercial-free streaming service that comes in the Amazon Prime package, which costs $79 a year (discounted for students, child caretakers and certain other consumer categories), which would make accessing and watching that content a fairly seamless process.

**It can also multitask, making it possible to listen to music while leafing through magazines for instance. Books, music, graphic novels, magazines and newspapers from the Kindle store obviously work with the Kindle Fire.

**Additionally, Amazon has a selection of the most popular Android apps and games, filtered for compatibility with the device, and offers one paid app for free each day. Under the hood, the Kindle Fire has 8 Gb of memory and a Gingerbread foundation.

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A Third of People Completely Lost Without Their Smartphones, Survey Says

A Third of People Completely Lost Without Their Smartphones, Survey Says | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

The latest information on cell phone usage vs smartphones, great article, lots of good information!




Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project did a survey on how American's interact with their cellphones in their day-to-day life. Pew says that nearly 83% of the U.S. population owns cellphones, 35% of which are smartphones (as of May 2011) and that the most popular ways to use the device are for text messaging and taking pictures.


The study shows how cellphone usage (especially smartphones) is changing the dynamic of how people interact with the world around them. Think back five or 10 years - how has the way you interact with media, knowledge and people changed because of the cellphone in your pocket?







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The Animated History Of The iPhone [Video… Dedicated to Memory of Steve Jobs

The Animated History Of The iPhone [Video… Dedicated to Memory of Steve Jobs | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

This is fascinating whether you're an iPhone fan or not, it's pure genius and we certainly will miss Steve Jobs.

"The ongoing talk about the iPhone is probably divided into two camps. Some people are for it, and some are against it.

Ever since this groundbreaking new smartphone was announced and launched, people have been arguing about whether it is actually the best one, the first one or even the most successful one."

****What we know for sure is that the iPhone, no matter what generation it is, is a massively popular smartphone. It’s been sold in ridiculous amounts, and with

****the recent news that the iPhone 4S sold 4 million smartphones in its 3 first days of release, you can’t help but agree that it is a hot gadget for people to own.

Curated by JanLGordon covering "The Explosion of the Mobile Web & Beyond"

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Flipboard, Personalized Online Magazine, Pursues TV & Films

Flipboard, Personalized Online Magazine, Pursues TV & Films | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |


By Sarah McBride


SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 25 (Reuters) - Internet video is getting even more crowded. Flipboard, the social media magazine whose investors include actor Ashton Kutcher, plans to add television shows and films to move it beyond the online articles that it offers now.


The Palo Alto, California-based company hopes to cut deals with studios to carry movies and episodes of TV shows, getting into territory staked out by Netflix (NFLX.O), Hulu and Facebook.


Flipboard mixes articles from a growing list of brands like and the Economist with social media feeds from sites like Facebook into a personalized online magazine. It has received $60.5 million in venture capital funding and its app has been downloaded 3 million times.

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Cloud Computing & Streaming Of Everything Will Change Media Forever

This is not new information, it's still in its infancy but there will be no avoiding it, this is in everyone's future. Word of caution, never have all your data in one place so do keep your own backup on a hard drive of everything no matter what.


Can you imagine paying a subscription fee and all your data is delivered to you on demand, no downloading on your hard drive, no losing information, consuming content wherever you want it, smartphone, Ipad, computer, whereever......Early adaptors are using this technology now.


Here's an excerpt:


This isn't streaming as you've thought of streaming to date.


Amongst media and marketing professionals, the idea of streaming is more commonly thought of as a way to broadcast live where the data and information is never stored on the consumer's hard drive - they can simply enjoy the content (text, images, audio and/or video) live and "in the moment." That is the streaming of yesterday.


The streaming of today looks very different. Take a look at what Apple is attempting with their upcoming iCloud product. The idea is that all of your content (or the data you used to save on your hard drive) will now be stored "in the cloud." This way, whether you're opening your laptop, tinkering with your iPad or roaming with your iPhone, the content that you want can be streamed from one central location and acts as if it is resident on your hard drive (it's also pretty great if your hardware crashes... now you won't lose everything).


Now, push this even further and imagine that your content is not just the things you have downloaded to date, but it now becomes anything and everything that can be sold via iTunes (and beyond). Suddenly, the notion of streaming has a new paradigm. The world's catalogue of content is now your catalogue.

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