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Infographic: The Mobile World In 60 Seconds

Infographic: The Mobile World In 60 Seconds | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

This article was written by Chris Velazco for Tech Crunch

The infographic from ad exchange, Mobclix in this piece aims to highlight what goes down in the mobile world in 60 seconds. is absolutely fascinating!

****Before you read the excerpt, I thought it was particularly interesting to post one of the comments made by a reader who saw the infograph.  He wasn't the only one that said this was an unfinished report. I think these people are missing the point here.

**This is a mere glimpse, the tip of the iceberg, to give us an idea of the magnitude of this exploding industry, it's not the be all end all report. I'm very careful what I post, I don't want to add to the noise, so look at the infographic with this in mind.

One reader's comment:

Ulrich Weihler:  "Nice idea, but major things for spending mobile time are missing, surfing content, using communities, using apps, internet usage, downloading music and videos, listening to music or watching videos, sms and actually phone connecions to talk, etc.. that's why the chart looks a bit strange."


"In case you were curious, in the time it took me to write out that first sentence, over 23,000 iOS apps were downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

** Mobclix used data directly from app publishers, industry sources, and a little old-fashioned arithmetic to get the 60 second stats you see below.

Of course, considering Mobclix’s background, there had to be some ad-related factoids in the mix too.

Mobile advertisers will be glad to know (if they didn’t already) that some 4,111 ads are tapped each minute, though it almost makes you wonder how many ads were ignored in the same 60 second timeframe.

See Infographic  []

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Jan your curation is rocking, hey did you happen to catch this gem yet
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Thanks Tom! Thanks for telling me about this, it's very cool, just signed up and I'm following you:-)
Tom George's comment, November 6, 2011 8:15 PM
Sure Jan I am happy to share also please except this invite
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Data Aggregation Engine Comes to Mobile - What This Means For Marketers

GOMOTEXT.COM, a leading provider of mobile engagement solutions, announced today, the release of its Campaign Manager v6.0 platform.


Campaign Manager is now able to combine data from multiple sources and gather that information into items which can be

**efficiently and narrowly tailored to meet the targeting needs of the client.

The updated Campaign Manager retains information relevant to the mobile campaign and in order to consolidate required data,

**works in concert with a CRM system and other data repositories.

The data includes profile data, event data and Opt-in list data which can be stored and managed by the platform.

**Some of the more salient features of this database include response and lifecycle marketing, mobile advertising, response marketing, mobile interactivity and Opt in/out management.

**Targeted campaigns can now be created based on past events and/or the profile data of the subscriber.

**“Send SMS offer to any males between the ages of 18 and 22 who live in zip code 75024” is an example of how sophisticated targets can be built based on demographic data.

The Data Aggregation Engine is an extremely powerful element of Campaign Manager and is key to its benefit –

**it lets marketers get at the data they need, in real-time, without major effort to integrate it from IT.

In addition the platform’s Data Aggregation engine interfaces to the client’s data warehouse, CRM system

**to provide real-time, automated data for targeting and personalizing adverts and tracking responses.

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Capturing all your browsing data: the difference between Amazon’s Silk and Opera Mobile

Capturing all your browsing data: the difference between Amazon’s Silk and Opera Mobile | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

**How this relates to gathering consumer data and monetizing it, not least through targeted advertising, will be one of the biggest spaces to watch in coming months and years.

There are two key differences between the companies behind Opera Mobile and Silk:

1. Their motivations
2. The way their motivations are perceived

While Amazon is generally viewed somewhat less negatively than Facebook and Google on privacy, that may change. No one doubts the profit motive of Amazon, or the depth of their desire to dominate the Universe, which is probably on a par with its aforementioned peers.

As such, whatever Amazon’s motives and the reality of Chris Espinosa’s analysis, there is likely to be pushback if Amazon overuses the browsing data it is gathering.

While Opera is very well regarded, it is a publicly listed company, and presumably its shareholders want it to make money. As such, it may need to look at the full commercial potential of the data it is gathering.

In a broader context, the mobile browser landscape is getting increasing diverse, reflecting how dynamic the space is, and of course the extraordinary value of the space as people shift their online activities to the mobile space.

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Marketers way off mark predicting consumer mobile marketing sentiment

When benchmarking marketers' perceptions against consumers' Acxiom found that, contrary to popular belief, consumers aren't too keen on mobile advertising but welcome email and direct mail.


This is another article that says that email is being very well received among mobile customers. Surprisingly, SMS campaigns aren't working as well yet.


Here's what caught my attention:


The research also suggested that almost three-quarters of customers (71%) are happy to receive mail from brands they are already customers of while 57% of prospects also favored the medium.


Email was also popular with 78% of existing customers willing to accept this form of contact. For prospective customers, the figure dropped to 52%, but it remained the second most appropriate way of targeting.


"The digital age is accelerating the opportunity for brands to truly engage with consumers across all channels. Equally, it is leading to constant shifts in the way people buy and interact with brands. The risk of marketers getting contact strategies wrong and wasting budget is increasing," said Murray Dudgeon, Acxiom Europe's head of client service.

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The Power of Email in Mobile Marketing

The Power of Email in Mobile Marketing | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

Here's what you need to know:


Using text messaging in a mobile marketing campaign has much greater reach potential. Businesses throughout the world have struggled to figure out the most efficient way to capture email addresses offline, as opposed to online. Mobile marketing can alleviate this struggle.


Mobile Marketing is the Solution: Good business example of a successful campaign.


Chuck E. Cheese deployed a text message opt-in campaign for instant registration and seamless data base integration. The process is simple. The customer texts their email address to the number 35505. They receive a confirmation text and double opt-in email. When the customer verifies their age and completes the opt-in they receive a welcome email and coupon.[How%2520to%2520Successfully%2520]

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Smartphones Go From Techie Tools To Almost Mainstream Devices

Smartphones Go From Techie Tools To Almost Mainstream Devices | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

Great information and statistics on mobile usage!




"Millennial Media is using its 50th mobile intelligence report to look at some of the changes that have occurred since the company began its reports in March 2009.


It’s a given that the mobile world is transforming before our eyes with the emergence of smartphones and tablets. But sometimes, it’s good to take a second and look at how it’s all evolving.That’s what mobile advertising company


Millennial Media has done with its 50th mobile intelligence report, which highlights some of changes that have occurred since the company began its S.M.A.R.T. and Mobile Mix reports in March 2009. It’s an arbitrary point in time, but it marks an era in which the smartphones have gone from techie tools to almost mainstream devices.

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10 Major Mobile Learning Trends to Watch For

10 Major Mobile Learning Trends to Watch For | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

This is the future, perhaps it will give you some ideas of how you might market you product or service on mobie, or better yet, create something that doesn't exist yet.




Technology has been used in the classroom for decades now. But with the advent of cloud computing and the proliferation of smaller, more portable computers and Internet-capable devices, it’s now possible to bring the classroom into the technology instead. Mobile learning, focuses on learning through mobile devices, allowing learners to move about in a classroom or remotely learn from the location of their choice. The movement has gained a lot of steam in recent years, and despite some criticisms, isn’t likely to fade fast – especially as new technologies that make mobile learning more practical continue to emerge and the popularity of remote learning opportunities like online colleges continue to grow.

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Mobile Marketing Matters NOW

Mobile marketing matters now if for no other reason than your company, brand or product can't miss another marketing revolution.

Here is why:

• Email
• Intimacy
• Darwin
• Emotion
• Influencers
• Social
• Network Effect
• iPad and Flipboard and Zite

Here is one thing that caught my attention:


Mobile phones are friends, the new time keepers, wallets (the new picture keepers) and an always on connection most never break (believe me I’ve tried)


If such an intimate connection is grudgingly true for my generation it is axiomatic for the next generation and a forgone conclusion for the one after that. Watch your children’s behaviors or try to take their cells and please film reactions.

Mobile marketing is more intimate than email or social network marketing. Increased intimacy means different stories, graphics and navigation (at least).

Can your company, no matter what business you inhibit, afford to seed another marketing tsunami?

Read full article:

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Digital Disruption is Increasing - What You Need To Know

Digital Disruption is Increasing - What You Need To Know | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

Welcome to a world of disruption, with twists of generational difference, tectonic ad spend changes, and lots of confused citizens.

Ken Doctor wrote this great piece — author of Newsonomics and longtime watcher of the business side of digital news

It was hard to decide what to excerpt, it was so good.......


Okay, it’s 11 p.m., and you are in bed.

What do you reach for? There’s no wrong answer here, but if you are in the news/information mode, you may reach for your Android smartphone or scoop up your iPad. So many choices, at this oddly news-consuming time of day. We know that evening is when tablet usage peaks, and, yes, such companies as Zite tell me that 11 is a top hour.

Digital disruption is now increasing. Audiences are even more up for grabs than they were a couple of years ago.

As Ipsos OTX President Bruce Friend recently put it: iPhones and Androids are, yes, our lovers. “It’s almost always turned on. It never leaves you. You have an intimate relationship with it.” Yet love is so short-term these days: “The tablet is rapidly becoming a companion or even a competitor to the smartphone. Tablets reduce smartphone as entertainment devices. The tablet will take the place of that.”

We’ve got so many emerging studies of our fast-changing habits that comparing them can leave you dazed and confused. What they all add up to, though, is a simple learning: Digital disruption is now increasing.

Let’s look at some of this emerging data, and begin to make sense of what it means and where revenue is likely to flow into the next several years, in the newsonomics of disruption.

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Amazon Heats Up the Fight for Mobile Audiences

Amazon Heats Up the Fight for Mobile Audiences | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

Amazon introduced four new devices to the world yesterday, one made specifically for multimedia and each at an attention-grabbing low price.

**Three new Kindle e-readers and the Kindle Fire tablet will connect Amazon more closely with content and consumers than ever before.

The company is careful not to call the Kindle Fire a tablet, however, preferring to position it as a new class of Kindle to avoid confusing it with laptop-replacement devices like Apple’s market dominating iPad.

**For $199, the Kindle Fire (pictured) delivers the user’s choice of over 100,000 streamed, downloaded, rented or purchased movies and television shows from Amazon Instant Video.

**It’s also integrated with the unlimited commercial-free streaming service that comes in the Amazon Prime package, which costs $79 a year (discounted for students, child caretakers and certain other consumer categories), which would make accessing and watching that content a fairly seamless process.

**It can also multitask, making it possible to listen to music while leafing through magazines for instance. Books, music, graphic novels, magazines and newspapers from the Kindle store obviously work with the Kindle Fire.

**Additionally, Amazon has a selection of the most popular Android apps and games, filtered for compatibility with the device, and offers one paid app for free each day. Under the hood, the Kindle Fire has 8 Gb of memory and a Gingerbread foundation.

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9 Amazing Mobile Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

9 Amazing Mobile Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

It's no surprise that mobile marketing is very hot but what's even more exciting is to see actual statistics that will motivate you to get going on your campaign.




"This is a guest blog post written by Jamie Turner.  As the Founder of the 60 Second Marketer he is an in-demand marketing speaker."




The bottom line? Mobile is here to stay, and your consumers are using it virtually every day of their lives. Given that, isn’t it time for you to get started and dive into the world of mobile?


Hopefully, the statistics and takeaways I’ve outlined above will lay the foundation for you to take the next step.

Read more:

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Flipboard, Personalized Online Magazine, Pursues TV & Films

Flipboard, Personalized Online Magazine, Pursues TV & Films | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |


By Sarah McBride


SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 25 (Reuters) - Internet video is getting even more crowded. Flipboard, the social media magazine whose investors include actor Ashton Kutcher, plans to add television shows and films to move it beyond the online articles that it offers now.


The Palo Alto, California-based company hopes to cut deals with studios to carry movies and episodes of TV shows, getting into territory staked out by Netflix (NFLX.O), Hulu and Facebook.


Flipboard mixes articles from a growing list of brands like and the Economist with social media feeds from sites like Facebook into a personalized online magazine. It has received $60.5 million in venture capital funding and its app has been downloaded 3 million times.

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Cloud Computing & Streaming Of Everything Will Change Media Forever

This is not new information, it's still in its infancy but there will be no avoiding it, this is in everyone's future. Word of caution, never have all your data in one place so do keep your own backup on a hard drive of everything no matter what.


Can you imagine paying a subscription fee and all your data is delivered to you on demand, no downloading on your hard drive, no losing information, consuming content wherever you want it, smartphone, Ipad, computer, whereever......Early adaptors are using this technology now.


Here's an excerpt:


This isn't streaming as you've thought of streaming to date.


Amongst media and marketing professionals, the idea of streaming is more commonly thought of as a way to broadcast live where the data and information is never stored on the consumer's hard drive - they can simply enjoy the content (text, images, audio and/or video) live and "in the moment." That is the streaming of yesterday.


The streaming of today looks very different. Take a look at what Apple is attempting with their upcoming iCloud product. The idea is that all of your content (or the data you used to save on your hard drive) will now be stored "in the cloud." This way, whether you're opening your laptop, tinkering with your iPad or roaming with your iPhone, the content that you want can be streamed from one central location and acts as if it is resident on your hard drive (it's also pretty great if your hardware crashes... now you won't lose everything).


Now, push this even further and imagine that your content is not just the things you have downloaded to date, but it now becomes anything and everything that can be sold via iTunes (and beyond). Suddenly, the notion of streaming has a new paradigm. The world's catalogue of content is now your catalogue.

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Mobile Shopping Set to Spike, Says Forrester

Mobile Shopping Set to Spike, Says Forrester | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |
Mobile shopping is still in its infancy no different than buying things on the web not so long ago. Retailers should not be shortsighted. They should look at the bigger picture, prepare themselves because consumers in the future will purchase goods and services from their smartphones.

It's important to put your stake in the ground and become a trusted source, so when the time is right, you can move forward quickly and be ahead of the curve instead of being behind it. If you're a retailer, what is it you can do to engage with existing or perspective customers now?

New York Times Article:

"Shopping on mobile phones is expected to increase significantly, but continue to remain a relatively small percentage of overall sales, according to a report from Forrester Research".
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