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5 Content Formats to Help You Rock Mobile in 2012

5 Content Formats to Help You Rock Mobile in 2012 | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

This post was written by Cory Eridon for Hubspot

Intro:  Learn about 5 types of content that rock on mobile devices that you should incorporate into your content creation for 2012.

Before we get to the content types, here are some exciting stats on the growth of mobile.....

**eMarketer recently released data that highlights the growth of each of these mobile devices in 2011 and into 2012.

**US smartphone users will increase from 90 million in 2011 to 107 million in 2012,

**ereader users from 33 million to 46 million, and tablet users from 34 million to 55 million

The 5 content types for mobile are: How can you incorporate them into your marketing mix?






Selected by Jan Gordon covering "The Explosion of Mobile Web and Beyond"

Read full article here: []

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Infographic: Android’s rise to the top

Infographic: Android’s rise to the top | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

This was posted by Dusan Belic and Cricket Communications prepared the following infographic to show us the rise of Android. As you're about to see, Google is about to rule the world.

Monday, October 24th, 2011 at 2:48 AM

Google’s Android platform is rapidly rising to the top.

Two years ago it was far, far away from Apple’s iOS and soon enough, it will be the most widely used mobile platform. So how did they do it? Lots of hard work, a bit of luck and the fact that competition (aside from Apple) was pretty passive…

However, the idea here is not to tell you the story – but to show you the facts via infographic (prepared by Cricket Wireless) that will most certainly explain things much better than I could. Here comes…

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Infographic: The Mobile World In 60 Seconds

Infographic: The Mobile World In 60 Seconds | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

This article was written by Chris Velazco for Tech Crunch

The infographic from ad exchange, Mobclix in this piece aims to highlight what goes down in the mobile world in 60 seconds. is absolutely fascinating!

****Before you read the excerpt, I thought it was particularly interesting to post one of the comments made by a reader who saw the infograph.  He wasn't the only one that said this was an unfinished report. I think these people are missing the point here.

**This is a mere glimpse, the tip of the iceberg, to give us an idea of the magnitude of this exploding industry, it's not the be all end all report. I'm very careful what I post, I don't want to add to the noise, so look at the infographic with this in mind.

One reader's comment:

Ulrich Weihler:  "Nice idea, but major things for spending mobile time are missing, surfing content, using communities, using apps, internet usage, downloading music and videos, listening to music or watching videos, sms and actually phone connecions to talk, etc.. that's why the chart looks a bit strange."


"In case you were curious, in the time it took me to write out that first sentence, over 23,000 iOS apps were downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

** Mobclix used data directly from app publishers, industry sources, and a little old-fashioned arithmetic to get the 60 second stats you see below.

Of course, considering Mobclix’s background, there had to be some ad-related factoids in the mix too.

Mobile advertisers will be glad to know (if they didn’t already) that some 4,111 ads are tapped each minute, though it almost makes you wonder how many ads were ignored in the same 60 second timeframe.

See Infographic  []

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Jan your curation is rocking, hey did you happen to catch this gem yet
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Thanks Tom! Thanks for telling me about this, it's very cool, just signed up and I'm following you:-)
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Slides: The global state of the mobile industry

This up to date report on the mobile industry posted by Ross Dawson


"Mary Meeker, formerly of Morgan Stanley and now of venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, continues to do her annual presentation at Web 2.0 Summit, providing an unparalleled compilation of research about the global internet industry.

There is a lot to digest in the 65 slides of the presentation, so I thought it was worth pulling out some of the more interesting ones on mobile. Below is the full presentation, plus six charts giving insights into the state of the global mobile industry."

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