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I selected this piece by Vkhosla because he helps us to see the internet/mobile space as it continues to unfold which might help you to discover new opportunities or see something you might not have even thought of yet.


We are in a whole new world of platforms, a post-PC era, which I’d more aptly describe as the always/everywhere era, finally, and that means a whole new set of opportunities.

The author has identified 12 areas where some disruptive or large new segment ideal will take off, but says, it's clear there are many. He also hopes that we can supply 12 or more places to look.

What particularly caught my attention:

**Data Reduction or Filters (Siri, Donna, Recorded Future, and many others):

**“Reducing, filtering and processing data streams to deliver the information or action that is relevant to you.”

**It is time for tools (our proxies or agents on the web) to start reducing the amount of information coming at us

**Education models that dramatically reduce the cost and increase the availability of quality learning

the role gamification can play in increasing student interest and social can play in increasing peer and teacher support and assistance.

**Emotion (Foodspotting, Ness, Instagram): “Services that evoke strong emotions in users

**Social Next (intersecting with all the interest graph stuff and verticals

**“Social as a useful and productive part of lives

**enabling collaboration and deep community building around the world in specific areas.

**Interest-based networks

**User driven content that maps to people’s interests both for a better user experience and better targeting

Personal Collaborative Publishing (Pinterest, Tumblr, storify, Snip.it):

**“Truly free press with no barriers to entry and personalized interest-based curation.”

**This trend seems to be moving forward fairly rapidly and looks very promising

Marketplaces & Disintermediation:

**“Remove the middle man, increase market efficiency and produce better results, faster“

**Marketplaces are about economic efficiency and active engagement and more and more of them will keep emerging

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Mobile Marketing Strategy and Beyond"

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