Capturing all your browsing data: the difference between Amazon’s Silk and Opera Mobile | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

**How this relates to gathering consumer data and monetizing it, not least through targeted advertising, will be one of the biggest spaces to watch in coming months and years.

There are two key differences between the companies behind Opera Mobile and Silk:

1. Their motivations
2. The way their motivations are perceived

While Amazon is generally viewed somewhat less negatively than Facebook and Google on privacy, that may change. No one doubts the profit motive of Amazon, or the depth of their desire to dominate the Universe, which is probably on a par with its aforementioned peers.

As such, whatever Amazon’s motives and the reality of Chris Espinosa’s analysis, there is likely to be pushback if Amazon overuses the browsing data it is gathering.

While Opera is very well regarded, it is a publicly listed company, and presumably its shareholders want it to make money. As such, it may need to look at the full commercial potential of the data it is gathering.

In a broader context, the mobile browser landscape is getting increasing diverse, reflecting how dynamic the space is, and of course the extraordinary value of the space as people shift their online activities to the mobile space.