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Mobile Twitter Users Share 3X As Much As Facebook Users

Mobile Twitter Users Share 3X As Much As Facebook Users | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

Interesting statistics on mobile users from

Here's the bottomline:

Facebook integration generates twice as many sharing events (defined as sharing, liking or following) as Twitter integration. However, that discrepancy is only due to Facebook’s larger overall userbase.

Twitter users do share three times as often as Facebook users, but when you look at active users, Twitter pulls even further ahead.

**Twitter’s active users generate 50 events per 1,000 users, while Facebook only generates 11 events per 1,000 active users.

The study examined all mobile apps with 500 or more monthly active users connecting to Twitter or Facebook across Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

Of these apps, they found that 20 percent connected to either Facebook or Twitter directly. Out of that 20 percent, ten percent connected to Facebook only, nine percent connected to both Twitter and Facebook,

**while only 1 percent connected to Twitter alone. That's interesting, more sharing coming from a smaller percent of apps

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Scooped by janlgordon!

10 Major Mobile Learning Trends to Watch For

10 Major Mobile Learning Trends to Watch For | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

This is the future, perhaps it will give you some ideas of how you might market you product or service on mobie, or better yet, create something that doesn't exist yet.




Technology has been used in the classroom for decades now. But with the advent of cloud computing and the proliferation of smaller, more portable computers and Internet-capable devices, it’s now possible to bring the classroom into the technology instead. Mobile learning, focuses on learning through mobile devices, allowing learners to move about in a classroom or remotely learn from the location of their choice. The movement has gained a lot of steam in recent years, and despite some criticisms, isn’t likely to fade fast – especially as new technologies that make mobile learning more practical continue to emerge and the popularity of remote learning opportunities like online colleges continue to grow.

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