The Role of Mobile in the Transmedia Brand Narrative | Mobile Marketing Strategy and beyond |

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Scott Forshay from Mobiluxe has written a great piece on how to leverage brand storytelling, transmedia and mobile to create a deeper user experience through a variety of channels.

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Here's an excerpt:

The essence of any coveted brand is the story it tells. Its history conveys mystery, passion, and intrigue and creates in consumers an insatiable desire to be among a select few bit players in the theatricality of the brand experience.

Successful brands tell stories and deliver experiences through each medium uniquely, artfully orchestrating events that leverage the inherent strengths of each in an ornamental array of disconnected, yet consistent, transmedia vignettes.

Here's what caught my attention:

****The mobile medium is unique in its ability to transport the brand’s narrative in transmedia storytelling models.

****Given that the device is ever connected, contextually relevant, and always within arms’ reach, the opportunities for brand marketers to engage consumers with consistency, relevance, and personalization are tremendous.