Barca Velha: First Among Equals | The Douro Index |

Barca Velha was the first great red still wine of Portugal and the first to attain world class status in the modern era. Beyond fortified Port wine, it is this wine, produced only in the very best years, that symbolized Portuguese excellence. For many wine lovers, Barca Velha still defines the image of classic Portuguese fine wine. Though many great producers now co-exist in the 'New Douro', Barca Velha remains a benchmark for both quality and image.


Luis Sottomayor is now the man in charge of crafting this great wine: "after joining the winemaking team led by Fernando Nicolau de Almeida in 1989, Luis Sottomayor knew he was in the best company to create one of the finest wines of the Douro.


Today, his skills recognized and the quality of his work proven, he heads the oenology team for Casa Ferreirinha and all Sogrape Port Wine brands, a responsibility he assumed in January 2003."