How to Fix Your Soul | The disordered state of the world |

"We've never needed Big New Ideas — fundamentally transformative ideas about how to organize the economy, society, and polity — more.


Like what? Like reinventing the rusting iron core of the economic solar system, GDP — to include the costs of planetary catastrophe. Like reimagining national accounts — to count not just money and machines, but stuff that matters, like creativity. Like redesigning democracy — so much so that ordinary folks like you and I can rewrite constitutions. Like reinventing corporations — to create more than just shareholder value. Like redefining "reporting" — to include the real human impact institutions have, not just the "profit" they mindlessly generate. Like revolutionizing our conception of what prosperity is and why it matters — to encompass the quiet wholeness and furious incandescence of a life well lived."


Excellent food for thought by Umair Haque on the Harvard Business Review blog.

Via Willy De Backer