The Plague Of The Pessimist Leader: 8 Tips To Make You More Optimistic Today | The Daily Leadership Scoop |

There is an abundance of research that indicates optimists experience better health, reduced stress and are more successful in life. Optimists tend to live longer, make more money and have better marriages. Recently we looked at 200 managers who were assessed on their level of optimism.  What we found was an extremely strong correlation between a leader’s perceived optimism and their effectiveness as a leader. The most pessimistic leaders were rated at the 19th percentile while the most optimistic leaders were rated at the 89thpercentile.


We examined data from two different studies with over 625 leaders to understand what behaviors leaders demonstrated the helped them to be viewed as more optimistic. Leaders who more effectively demonstrated these behaviors were view as more optimistic.  In our view these behaviors are some of the key to optimism.

Via Dr. Susan Bainbridge, Elysian Training