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Why Startups Need To Get Ready For Christmas Now

I just finished the 20 Holiday Ecommerce questions teams must answer YES to before hitting the beach. 4Q is a critical time for #startups too. More deals get done between September and June than during the summer when the VC sharks are swimming with the real sharks. 

Web traffic goes way up in the fourth quarter too improving any startups' chances for fame, glory and enough money to keep the wolf at bay for another month. Being part of a startup is like playing baseball for the Durham Bulls. 

Every day you learn something and that is great, but you can't keep your eye off the prize - moving up to The Show. Startups need to realize their online CONTENT is how people will come to know and support them. Lousy content = no fame and glory. 

Great content only helps startups get in the ROOM. If your startup can answer YES to all 22 of these questions then two things are true. I didn't make the questions near hard enough and chances for your team to achieve your goals just went WAY UP. 

If your startup is overwhelmed by the content marketing side of what you are trying to accomplish Atlantic BT and I are glad to help. We are working on new content and ways to help all the time. If you are a startup, read these questions and want help let us know:


Together we can get your startup redy for Christmas NOW :).  

Via Martin (Marty) Smith