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Scooped by Kate Corkery!

2 Tips for PR Pros to Add Vine to the Communications Mix

2 Tips for PR Pros to Add Vine to the Communications Mix | the communication mix |
by Matthew Schwartz  This post can be found here Vine, a mobile app by Twitter that enables its users to create and post short video clips, is the latest shiny new thing in the social-media gestalt...
Kate Corkery's insight:

Content is king, creativity has become prince.


when marketing to the consumer a compnay needs to know initally what the consuemrs want. if they are trying to get a product/idea out to the consumer that thier audience will not like it is not going to be effect.


the CONTENT of the product/idea is what the consumer wants then this is going to be something that they take an interest in.


the next step is finding a creative way to get the message out there. this is where companies can find the best wayy to communicate with the customer. of course finding something that they can connect with emotionally is going to win them over some more.

CREATIVILY finding this balance is key.


both content and creativity are key in creating a successful way to effectivly communicate with consumers.


Wenzi Liu's comment, September 22, 2013 1:09 AM
I believed that a short advertisement could be effective for a company, but might not be all. An effective advertisement needs to be able to transfer the messages that the company what to tell their consumers for their product or service, an advertisement would be useless if it fails to do this. Every company should design an advertisement that suits their own products and services in order to successfully communicate their messages to their consumers.
Cen Xun's comment, September 23, 2013 3:06 AM
this article introduced a social media app called Vine,this app sames very useful. because 6 second ads is so short, but people absolutely could watch them all and its a good time to show the creation of a brand. and I also agree Emily's quote "content is king, but creativity has become prince." especially during the social media marketing times.
Matthew Pivac's comment, September 26, 2013 12:12 AM
The above article brings to light the use of short form advertising through an application or 'app' named Vines that is made up of six second videos created by the user and streamed out to the world. This form of advertisement is very relevant in today's fast moving world of technology, as people's attention is constantly being fought for in the world of advertising and therefore the short videos will attract and get the viewers full attention to it's content and the user will fully receive the message.
Scooped by Kate Corkery!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 … Another Effective Marketing Strategy?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 … Another Effective Marketing Strategy? | the communication mix |
In advertising, you need to create information that customers find interesting and worth talking about. This is an effective marketing strategy, eh? (The Samsung #GalaxyS4 … Another Effective #Marketing Strategy?


Kate Corkery's insight:

as in the opening of this article the seceret to success is not creating new words or pictures but about using familiar words and pictures to create new relationships.

if a company can successfully communicate to thier customer using familiar pictures and words the consumer can connect to the campaign through memories and emotions.


the secret to creating an effective planning and communication is by using 6 simple steps


- knowing the target market

- defining the positioning (looking at the comparisons to the competitiors is a good way to start).

- grabbing the audiences attention. (pictures, music, and minimal words is more effective)

- the value propositions - give the consumer a reason to choose your company over another.

- make the messages simple

- influence and persuasion - use familiar pictures are words to connect with the consumer on an emotional level.


the Samsung s4 launch used this commnication mix very effectivly. they used 4 words that their audience can really connect with and used picutres and music to keep the audience interested.


- Fun

- Relationships

- Care



Alina Oleinik's comment, May 7, 2013 6:56 PM
Companies need to create advertisements which are interesting and memorable. The information being portrayed needs to be relevant to the customer the company is trying to target. Companies also need to be aware of their competitors and use their unique position in the market as a selling point. Often, ads show how one company's product is better than their competitors. Simple message with clear values are a great way to grab consumer's attentions, and using emotive symbols or stories in your ads can be highly appealing and increase product sales. Samsung played with the idea of emotions in their ad campaign for the s4, connecting with their customers and effectively creatively a successful ad.
Daniel Armstrong's comment, May 9, 2013 7:15 AM
This article is about the success of Samsung's Galaxy S4 advertisement campaign showing how it met each criteria/steps for a successful ad campaign. Those criteria/steps being, be relevant to your target market, define your positioning, grab and hold viewers' attention, strong value propositions, make your message simple, make your ad a component, and it has to have influence and persuasion. Remember, it is not what advertising does with the consumer; it is what the consumer does after viewing the advertisement.