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A Must Have App Evaluation Rubric

A Must Have App Evaluation Rubric | The Browse |

"The choice of which apps to use with your students in the classroom is not an easy one. It ,in fact , calls for a lot of attention from the part of the teacher. You are responsible for your students learning and this responsibility grows riskier when learning becomes digitally based.This is particularly the case when integrating apps into your teaching."

Via Ove Christensen, Dr. Laura Sheneman, Karen du Toit
Cristian Cerda's comment, December 8, 2012 8:32 PM
Interesting application, but the content has the same trouble that many of the rubric available on the web: It says nothing:
Ove Christensen's comment, December 9, 2012 6:38 AM
Well I think you should see it as a help for reflection on apps and use of apps. No tools are doing the hard work for you but they help you to remember what to cover.
Jim Lerman's comment, December 9, 2012 5:44 PM
@Cristian...I don't see it the same way. The criteria, in my opinion, do provide a useful framework for judging the efficacy of a web app. The value in the criteria is implicit; if one shares the values inherently stated in the criteria (for example, "authentic practice of targeted skills"), then I think the criteria are indeed helpful. If the values and meaning of the criteria do no speak to you, the reader, then I can see where one could feel they do not say anything. As Ove says, "no tools are doing the hard work for you."
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Educational Technology Guy: Five Free Screen Recording Apps and Services

Educational Technology Guy: Five Free Screen Recording Apps and Services | The Browse |

Screen Recording is a very handy tool to have. You can use it to create presentations, help sessions, and more. I've used them to create review sessions for students, as well as presentation videos and even live, remote presentations.

Via Susan Bainbridge
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50 Popular iPad Apps For Struggling Readers & Writers

50 Popular iPad Apps For Struggling Readers & Writers | The Browse |
Whether you're the parent of a child with a reading disability or an educator that works with learning disabled students on a daily basis, you're…...

Via Susan Bainbridge
Steven Blomdale's curator insight, March 6, 2013 7:35 PM

 In schools across Australia there is strong support for linking learning in Technologies with learning literacy skills. Learning in Technologies places a high priority on accurate and unambiguous communication (ACARA, 2013).Implementing digital technologies in learning areas such as English allows special education teachers to facilitate and accommodate the learning needs of students. This is achieved through integrating assistive devices such as the iPad and its applications to develop critical literacy skills needed in the 21st century.  Consequently special education teacher have a better opportunity to develop important General capabilities such as literacy (LIT) to allows student to become literate as they develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to interpret and use language confidently for learning and communicating in and out of school and for participating effectively in society (ACARA, 2013).



This website suggests various applications that can be used on the ipad to assist special needs students. The list of  applications were selected to improve and develop students reading, writing and spelling. They engage the students through making the activities, fun and engaging, which I think is important when teaching special needs students.

Patricia Christian's curator insight, March 22, 8:53 PM

You can never have enough resources to pull from when working with mainstream or challenged students.