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Money and Sustainability

Money and Sustainability | The Big Picture |

We tend to assume that we must have a single, monopolistic currency, funded through bank debt, enforced by a central bank. But we don’t need any such thing! In fact, the present system is outdated, brittle and unfit for purpose (witness the eurozone crisis). Like any other monoculture, it’s profitable at first but ultimately a recipe for economic and environmental disaster. The alternative is a monetary ‘ecosystem’, with complementary currencies alongside the conventional one.

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The Rise of the New Economy Movement

The Rise of the New Economy Movement | The Big Picture |

From cooperatives, to employee owned businesses to social responsible companies to complementary currencies... we are birthing!

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Peace Overtures's curator insight, March 16, 2014 9:41 AM

In It's Just Commerce we write about the new "set point" that's emerging in business. As this article states, "Just beneath the surface of traditional media attention, something vital has been gathering force and is about to explode into public consciousness."