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The Basic Life
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What do we know about magnesium?

What do we know about magnesium? | The Basic Life |

The body can not produce magnesium and must be taken daily with food. Research, however, suggests that the supply of magnesium is often not sufficient. In the body of an adult man, the average weight of about 70 kg, is about 20 grams of magnesium, of which about 65% is stored in the bones and...

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Magnesium is an alkaline mineral your body needs:

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency




impaired memory

muscle tremors



vomiting etc.. 

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How blood is changing for healthier drinking alkaline water

Red blood cells are carrying more oxigen and the white ones are going to be able more to eliminate cancer cells and fungicid cells when it becomes more alkal...
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The blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid in the human body are designed to be slightly alkaline at a pH of between 7.35 and 7.45. There are good reasons for this.


According to the theory know as the Bohr effect, the oxygen binding affinity of the haemoglobin found in the red blood cells, is inversely related to blood acidity. That is to say that a decrease in blood pH will lead to a decrease in haemoglobin’s ability to bind oxygen and an increase in blood pH will lead to haemoglobin binding more oxygen molecules. So in a more alkaline environment, the red blood cells will be able to carry more oxygen to the tissues, maintaining the health of the cells within.


According to Dr Victor Marcial-Vega’s research on the effects of Goji on the body’s pH balance, the acidity of the blood affects oxygen carriage in other ways also. Red blood cells in unhealthy, acidic blood may be stuck together, preventing the efficient transfer of oxygen to cells. When the blood becomes more alkaline, the blood cells separate and move away from each other, increasing the ability of the blood to carry oxygen efficiently to the tissues.


Furthermore according to his research, white blood cells become more active at a more alkaline blood pH. Therefore their ability to fight infections caused by fungi and bacteria increases, allowing the body to become healthy again more quickly. Moreover, the better the white blood cells function the more they are able to target, attack and destroy cancer cells.


In fact, only 5 days after starting to drink alkaline water, the blood changes, with red blood cells becoming more oxygenated and separate from each other, increasing the blood’s overall oxygen carrying capacity.


Drink Alkaline water from the H2O Alkalizer for healthier blood.

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