16 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Copywriting for Better Storytelling and Higher Conversion Rates | The Art of Book Publishing and Book Marketing. | Scoop.it

Every since the Madman era, copywriting has been a significant part of any marketer’s job. And in today’s digital, text-driven world it is as important as it has ever been.


The art of turning words into a beautiful composition that gets attention, inspires action, and consequently sells is something we encounter daily, whether when watching TV or signing up for yet another Facebook-killer.


Your copy can make all the difference between getting users excited about your product and making them want to shoot themselves in the head.


Good copy can mean an extra 20% to the open rate of your emails.
Bad copy can mean that the only click-through rate you’ll be measuring is of your “unsubscribe” link.

Via Hans Heesterbeek, Viqi French