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The Amazing You Review : Imagine a world in which a select class of people have access to knowledge
or technology that enhances their intelligence and IQ, creativity, memory and other mental abilities far beyond what everyone else is capable of. It may sound like science fiction… yet some researchers at top universities worldwide are already talking about the potential for “intelligence amplification” that could upgrade the brains of any ordinary human to near “genius” level – if they’re willing and able to pay.
The result might be a not-so-distant future in which business leaders are able to outpace their “average” employees not only in the size of their paychecks… but in IQ and cognitive abilities.

In fact, Marion said, the breakthrough results made possible just by the performance psychology research she used with her clients were so transformative… they could soon lead to a new “brain gap” between a global One Percent equipped with these strategies and everyone else.

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