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Exploration of the new era in human history marked by invention of the Internet
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Bring Your Own Device: Advantages, Dangers, Risks and best Policy to stay secure

Bring Your Own Device: Advantages, Dangers, Risks and best Policy to stay secure | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is more complex than most people know, read further to learn… . .


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The weakest link in the Security Chain is the human! If you don’t respect certain advice you will get tricked by the Cyber-Criminals!

=> NOBODY is perfect! A security by 100% doesn’t exist! <=


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Thank you for the information.
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Is ti possible that we have a special room for this?

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More information on BYOD

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Bring Your Own Device - Questions to Consider

Bring Your Own Device - Questions to Consider | :: The 4th Era :: | Scoop.it

The buzz in 1-to-1 right now is about BYOD - Bring Your Own Device - and it's not a fad and it's not going away. There's a convergence of factors causing it including:

- Hardware is diverse and at price points that are more affordable

- Schools are hyper budget conscious

- The "cloud" (previously called The Internet, the Web and the Information Superhighway) is ideal for core apps which are free or inexpensive with such as Google (although be sure to use GAFE), and Zoho

- Parents are realizing that a digital device is necessary for learning

- Schools want to be sure students possess 21st Century skills


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