Creating Slack: The Quick Scheduling Trick To Make Your Week Most Productive ~ Fast Company | :: The 4th Era :: |

by Laura Vanderkam

"I got in the habit of leaving Fridays open a few years ago when I realized that packing my calendar too tightly was an invitation to disaster. I’d write down my priorities for the week and assign each priority a time, but inevitably, things would come up. These could be not-so-great things, like fitting in a doctor visit, or good things: a quick-turn-around assignment at a new publication, an invitation to a lunch I wouldn’t want to miss. To use Donald Rumsfeld’s phrase, these were “known unknowns.” I didn’t know what would come up, but I knew something would.

"Having open Fridays, I decided, would let me bump projects there. My priorities wouldn’t have to roll over into the next week, which probably had its own deadlines."