Classroom Behavior Platform ClassDojo Adds Full Website Functionality To Its Mobile App ~ TechCrunch | :: The 4th Era :: |

by Stephanie Yang


"ClassDojo, software for tracking classroom behavior and incentivizing students, has updated its mobile app to allow teachers to access all the desktop features from a mobile device. Now teachers can use ClassDojo on the playground, on field trips and in classrooms with poor Wi-Fi. This addition will also expand the company’s user base to low-funded schools that don’t have computers for every classroom.


"Launched in 2011, ClassDojo helps teachers monitor student behavior through a free online platform. Each student has an avatar that receives or loses points throughout the day based on behavior, which teachers can then share with parents. ClassDojo motivates students through a public leader board, which shows each avatar’s progress throughout the day. Co-founder Sam Chaudhary says the platform is designed to help kids develop vital skills such as creativity, hard work and collaboration, instead of focusing on just academics.


"With the new mobile app, users can set up classes, take attendance, view progress reports and invite other teachers. Previously, the app could give and take points from students but was made to be more of a remote control to the website. The ability to use ClassDojo’s software from a smartphone is an advantage over other behavior management systems, such as IRIS and EPraise."