Blackboard joins MOOC market after pandaemonium has died down ~ Corporate Learning Network | :: The 4th Era :: |

by Jeff Cattel


"It's been a month since Blackboard announced plans [mid-July 2013] to offer a dedicated, purpose-built platform to house massive open online courses for any of its clients. The news sent ripples through the online education world and threatened less-established education startups, such as Udacity, Coursera and edX, all of which offer the opportunity for educators to create MOOC-type products. So far, dozens of Blackboard's more than 37,000 worldwide clients have joined on — a respectable number, but not something that will upend online education as we know it.

"But MOOC domination wasn't Blackboard's plan when entering the market. Part of the company's value proposition when it comes to adding MOOCs to its Blackboard Learn platform is an already established familiarity with the interface and platform. Professors at thousands of higher education institutions across the country already use the company's learning management system."