The 21st Century
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The 21st Century
Implications for the Future, Social Media, OER, ICT Adaptation, Educational Technology.
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elearn Magazine: The Significance of Educational Technology History and Research

elearn Magazine: The Significance of Educational Technology History and Research | The 21st Century |
What impacts learning are changes in instructional design and pedagogical practices supported by the introduction of new technologies, not the technology itself.
NK SHARMA's curator insight, November 12, 2014 9:13 AM
Dear Educator, I am an educationist with more than 25 years' of experience. Lately I realised the pathetic conditions of the prevailing education system all over the world. Technology has penetrated almost all the fields but has failed to make a place in our Educational Standards. Some of you may say that Technology has entered our classrooms through Digital Content. Yes, it has but the curriculum still lies at the bottom of attention. Coding & programming are the areas which are being accepted in every field. We still have a very few areas to make students perform - but the fact is we must include more areas of information in our curriculum such as 3D Printing, Smart Technology, Space, Robotics etc. etc. My experience says, we keep our students involved only in few areas such as Maths, Science, History & Languages and the bitter fact is that all are predefined at the beginning of the academic session. Students are not made aware of latest developments taking place in areas where we can nurture them to make better careers. In my opinion, this thing should start from the school level. We have smarter children today. They are born with iPhone 6 in their hand. Feeling worried about the future of my today's generation, I decided to erect a platform where they would get to know the latest happenings of their interest (more than 20 areas are earmarked) daily in the form of my Self Learning Platform - I am sure my efforts would not only benefit students but will help Faculty Members to upgrade themselves. I am using my platform VERY SUCCESSFULLY in my own educational institution.I intend to make my school kids semi professionals by the time they finish their schooling. I have decided to establish many labs in my schools such as Robotics, 3D Printing, Solar Energy and many more. I have also decided to make Online Homework System & Online Examination being implemented by the start of the new year. We are doing away with many of the books as well. No more cramming with extraordinary results. Not sure, but no school elsewhere has developed as we have. We have redefined EDUCATION. Apart from providing SELF LEARNING PLATFORM, We have made our school management completely online and are having solutions such as Video Conferencing available to the teachers & their students so that they may remain connected throughout the year. You may also create absolutely FREE account for yourself & invite your friends & relatives & know more from my Education System while you talk face to face by making learning meaningful. FREE LIFETIME ACCOUNTS can be created for the Faculty & Teachers from our homepage. My efforts have already been endorsed by NCERT. Check the letter from NCERT in my profile. Take care of your students' FUTURE as well? All the very best! SYSTEM CANNOT CHANGE THINGS - YOU CAN. BLESSINGS FROM A VETERAN EDUCATIONIST "Dear Mr. NK Sharma, Hearty congratulations on your raising a one-man battalion to crusade your ideas on quality education. You really deserve a big pat on your back. As regards me, I am a man of 80 years, with 56 years of experience as teacher,Principal, Education Officer and Director. I played my longest inning as a Principal of prestigious Kendriya Vidyalas , including Kendriya Vidyalaya Moscow, I am its founder Principal. I have also directed and conducted thousands of workshops and in-service courses for teachers of English and principals of the reputed public schools of India and abroad. I have published more than 60 very well-received books for classes Nursery to M.A. M.BA, BBA and Civil Services. Most of these books have been prescribed by various universities and examination boards.I wonder, if we can work together in our quest for excellence in education with the help of your well-tried educational technology. Looking forward to hearing soon from you, With warm regards, J.K.GANGAL " ANOTHER ONE Glad to know people in our country are thinking like that. Our society is totally ruled by the MARKS in Examination culture. As a school leader its very difficult to change the mindset of people who consider board examination results as the end all of school education. We cant blame the Parents so much because they want their children to go to good professional colleges where the cut off point is 99%!!!!!! A lot has to change in our country if we want people to understand the real meaning of Learning. We have become tech savy only where gadgets for fun or social media are concerned but we haven't moved to using them for Learning. I have travelled around the world and seen the digital age taking over the class rooms, where independent learning and Research, using these tools are the highlights of school education. I tried to make these changes in my previous school but my Management did not support me. I have moved on to a new school hoping to bring about 21st century teaching- learning tools into the curriculum. I would be very happy to know more about how you are carrying forward this revolution in your school. Best wishes, Shakuntala Jaisinghani Director, Trinity international School and Junior college I shall be glad to have your inputs & participation. N K Sharma Chairman, Oxford School Faridabad 121 001 (INDIA)