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The big question for those involved in content is becoming:


How do businesses organise integrated teams and content delivery for the ultimate customer experience?


This is addressed by John Harris, Chief Strategy Officer at Location 3 Media on Jay Baer's Convince&Convert blog.


John's introduction:


"Over the last several months, I have found the conversation around content to be slowing evolving from “Why is content important to my business?” to “How do we organize around content delivery?”. The answer to this question lies in the recognition that content is not simply a one-dimensional SEO tool, but is ultimately how your brand lives within the digital world."


The rest of the article is required reading for content people. 


Some of the main points:


*Content must revolve around the customer's journey


*Traditional models of organisation with siloed teams cannot work any longer - there are too many risks and missed opportunities


*The required model is both customer-centric and platform-neutral


*89% of shoppers research a product online before purchasing


*Businesses who truly understand the customer journey and all that goes with it will come out tops


Loads of insights and detailed advice.


Read the article here




Marty Note
I love the insightful idea that content is pinned to a customer's journey. Understanding content in this context takes the "shock of the new" sting away since all marketers create content to guide a customer's journey. I'm a big believer in "the Hero's journey" that searching your website should reinforce some fundamental idea, some myth I (as you visitor) believe about my life our our society.


Via Liz Wilson