How to Spend Less Time on Twitter and Get More Out of It | Personal Branding Using Scoopit |

**** The most displease Twitter-thing is the TIME to BENEFIT ratio seems off since MUCH WORK benefits little, so looking for a new approach. Marty

Have you become desensitized and disillusioned with Twitter?


Do you feel like you are suffering from Twitter Tiredness?


Do you feel like you are “tweeting in the dark”, spending more and more time on Twitter but getting less and less out of it?


I know the story. A few months (or years) ago, you signed up for a Twitter account. You dutifully wrote a clever bio, uploaded your picture and started tweeting. Maybe you followed some accounts and learned a bit about the culture and etiquette of the network before sending your first tweet.


After following a few people and building a following of your own, you started following more and more and retweeting more and more, all while spending less and less time engaging in conversations and writing original tweets.


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