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Personal Branding Using Scoopit
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L'eggo o My Lego: Using LEGO to Teach Math

L'eggo o My Lego: Using LEGO to Teach Math | Personal Branding Using Scoopit |

Math is the ultimate puzzle with its own language. Wish I'd had "Lego Lessons" when I was learning algebra. Would have been much less painful :). M

Via Beth Dichter, Mark E. Deschaine, PhD, Rui Guimarães Lima, massimo facchinetti
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Autism Daily Newscast's curator insight, September 10, 2014 4:26 AM

Not an app but close enough - love it.

Elizabeth Bowden's curator insight, September 12, 2014 7:52 PM

In addition to using Lego for maths, I've taken my sons (extensive) Lego collection into History and Society & Culture to have the students (high school) demonstrate their understanding of concepts such as globalisation, communism, nationalism, capitalism. Worked really well and classes sooo happy. 


Having been broken up into groups and given a concept each, They created cities or environments demonstrating the concept then talked the rest of the class through. 

Ness Crouch's curator insight, September 13, 2014 4:06 PM

Fantastic ideas for using lego in mathematics. Simple hands on tasks.

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Apply 8 Visual Marketing Tips From Vogue To Your Personal Brand

Apply 8 Visual Marketing Tips From Vogue To Your Personal Brand | Personal Branding Using Scoopit |

8 Visual Marketing Tips From Vogue
* Be Specific & Use BIG NUMBERS to help.
* Be Branded Use Known Brands.
* Be Welcoming (LI Pic should be looking right at camera).

* Be Topical - frame achievements in current keywords and trends.

* Use alliteration and rhythm in headlines.

* Create juxtapositions and contrasts like "street chic" or "power user".

* Use Action Verbs such as create, sell, develop, market.
* Simple colors (black, red, white).

If you are logged in and viewing my LinkedIn Profile ( ) you will see my fledgling attempt to adopt these 8 visual marketing tips to an important "personal branding" tool - my LinkedIn Profile. Use of big visual numbers and known brands helps wrap my brand in "known" and "trusted" while walking a fine line.

Personal brands that are too "known" can seem boring and not exceptional. Blending trusted messaging via keywords and brands with creativity and challenge is the fine line every "personal brand" must walk.

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How to Create an Awesome Infographic [+Scenttrail Note on Why Important]

How to Create an Awesome Infographic [+Scenttrail Note on Why Important] | Personal Branding Using Scoopit |

Visual Marketing
Recently I did a multi-year analysis of my 10 feeds in order to create a top 10 list for curation, marketing, startups and BI. One of the most fascinating results was the prevalence of infographics.

Every top 10 had several infographics. Think on that for a minute. My 10 feeds span many different topics from content curation to social media. In EVERY case infogrpahics played a major leading role.

YES, this means we are moving toward visual marketing, but such a dominant result also shows how important infographics have become. Lately its popular to push back and say infographics aren't what they used to be.

I agree that there is some piling on going on - people creating infogrpahics that aren't really infographics. We don't throw out TV as a medium because there are good and bad TV shows. Infographics as a "lean content" medium are important and this infogrpahic on how to create infographics is helpful.

I would add, remember to TELL A STORY that highlights and creates interesting juxtapositions. Surprise use, visually amaze us and teach us and infographics will be on your top 10 content list too.

Via Ana Cristina Pratas
malek's curator insight, August 15, 2014 9:02 AM

The production process is efficient with only 10% for full draft

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Epic Personal Branding: 6 Tips - ScentTrail Marketing

Epic Personal Branding: 6 Tips - ScentTrail Marketing | Personal Branding Using Scoopit |

There is only one way to break out of the rat race and eliminate all competing rats - create EPIC Personal Branding. Here's how..

* Create BHAGs NOW!
* Videos and Pictures.

* Think TEAM!
* Use Special SOCIAL Weapons.
* Fail Miserably.
* Give your Skills AWAY FREE.

Follow those hard won secrets, at least one of them tried to kill me several times, and your personal brand will be EPIC, your resume floats to the top and you win the promotion, can afford the G I Joe with the Kung Fu Grip and love the life you create.

malek's curator insight, April 13, 2014 12:16 PM

Success is failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Maryse Rebillot's curator insight, April 14, 2014 5:39 AM

Refreshing reading that drives you to (re)think about what you really want in life and be at ease with who you are - upside and downside.

Gary Harwell's curator insight, April 15, 2014 1:13 AM

But can you get paid?