Personal Branding Using Scoopit
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Personal Branding Using Scoopit
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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Epic Personal Branding: 6 Tips - ScentTrail Marketing

Epic Personal Branding: 6 Tips - ScentTrail Marketing | Personal Branding Using Scoopit |

There is only one way to break out of the rat race and eliminate all competing rats - create EPIC Personal Branding. Here's how..

* Create BHAGs NOW!
* Videos and Pictures.

* Think TEAM!
* Use Special SOCIAL Weapons.
* Fail Miserably.
* Give your Skills AWAY FREE.

Follow those hard won secrets, at least one of them tried to kill me several times, and your personal brand will be EPIC, your resume floats to the top and you win the promotion, can afford the G I Joe with the Kung Fu Grip and love the life you create.

malek's curator insight, April 13, 2014 12:16 PM

Success is failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Maryse Rebillot's curator insight, April 14, 2014 5:39 AM

Refreshing reading that drives you to (re)think about what you really want in life and be at ease with who you are - upside and downside.

Gary Harwell's curator insight, April 15, 2014 1:13 AM

But can you get paid?

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from digital marketing strategy!

Build Brands & Drive Sales With 5 Video Marketing Tips

Build Brands & Drive Sales With 5 Video Marketing Tips | Personal Branding Using Scoopit |
Content - Regardless of form or viewing device, video is an ideal medium to engage, inform, and entertain prospective buyers and clients. Here's what you need to know to get in on ...

Via malek
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wrote a long note about my frustration with how videographers sell their services that got sucked into the great vortex. These are great tips and I need 20 to 50 videos BUT I need each video to cost HUNDREDS not THOUSANDS.

Feels like someone should be able to appify video creation like Piktochart just did for infographics (review here ). Wish a video vendor would solve the PAIN since learning to create my own feels like a bridge too far even though the need is a simple and templated one.

BlairEvanBall's curator insight, February 21, 2014 2:29 PM

In the near future Video will overtake photos for engagement on Social Media.

malek's comment, February 21, 2014 6:41 PM
@BlairEvanBall have a look at the sports page in any of the British newspaper, full of short videos
Lori Wilk's curator insight, February 21, 2014 11:53 PM

The technology is coming and every day there are new platforms to explore. The pace of change is getting faster. Thanks for the tips and shortcuts