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Marty Note
A friend noted a comment I made on Facebook about how having cancer made me less afraid of it. She asked me to explain since she was just diagnosed with breast cancer and she is afraid.

I shared my reading list (Pema Chodron pictured here and Eckhart Tolle) and assured her that I too was afraid. I'm not afraid today because I live each moment, I accomplished a dream (riding a bicycle across America) and I have great support from friends (many of whom are on, family and doctors.  

Having cancer made me a better person. Sad that it took such a knock on the head to become a better person, but I am hard headed (lol). I don't think about death as much as how to live, how to make a difference, how to give back, how to use this time NOW wisely. 

This is NOT to say I don't feel overwhelmed, don't panic or want to jump off the roof on occasion, but I had those days before I was diagnosed (lol). I do the best I can and hope for the best. What more can we do?

If you have great cancer resources I should share with my friend, please share and I will be sure she sees them. Thanks to the army of people who haved saved my life (more than once), contributed to my life or helped me.

You rock! 

Just wrote a breif story about a cold Utah morning in the summer of 2010 during Maritn's Ride: