Life Without Fear...Possible? Phil Says YES! | Personal Branding Using Scoopit |

This is a great post from my co-founder Phil Buckley. He asks a great question, "Imagine if you could get control of the part of your brain that throws the switch on fear."

Think about that for a moment. Life without fear. Phil points out that much of what creates fear makes non sense at all. When we live in the moment and experience life, even at its roller-coaster-like pace and furry, we aren't naturally fearful.

We embrace, take on and commitment.

We get in trouble the more we THINK, add in the expectations of others, also called SHAME as Phil points out, and give up our natural power to baseless fear. Phil shares interesting insight into the company we are creating and the journey we are on. Are you on such a journey too? Share it and we will curate into CrowdFunde.

What are your fears?