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Semantic Web & Future Of Everything
I agree with one of Mark Schaefer ideas within his highly influential Content Shock post ( ). I agree that in order for smaller publishers to thrive they will need to knit together in coops.

Mark doesn't say those exact words, but his convincing data suggests the day of the small publisher is all but over. If your business, be it B2C ecommerce or B2B content marketing, depends on organic traffic like our great partner Moon Audio ( you need help.

Publishers need help:

1. Harness the information needed to connect top of funnel lead generation activities such as content creation and #contentcuration to bottom of the funnel conversion (where some material gain happened for the publishers, hosts or creators of the conversations).

2. Create a powerful Curatti-like coalition or "commons" where the sum of the parts is many times greater than any individual contributor and then use the power of the commons to PAY BACK the members.

Creating an easy to use tool to help with both of those publisher pain points is our Durham, NC based startup's mission. We made significant progress this week. Next week we hope to finalize design, outline our content and SEO strategy and draft a marketing plan.

By the end of April we hope code will be being written and CrowdFunde will be ready for use by end of May. Taken longer than we thought to get here, but, thanks to our "beta partners" we understand the pain points AND we know how we must shift the game to protect our customers.

If social media means we are more conversational and so search less it is important to help our publishers be able to compete effectively and meet the always rising expectations from contributors (1%), supporters 9% and readers (90%).

Stay tuned, going to be amazing. Marty