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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Get Hired By Warren Buffett - @Scenttrail's 5 Tips via Paul Petrone on LinkedIn

Get Hired By Warren Buffett - @Scenttrail's 5 Tips via Paul Petrone on LinkedIn | Personal Branding Using Scoopit |

Prepare For The Warren Buffett Test
Buffet doesn't hire people because you've had a nice chat. When you apply to work for the Oracle of Omaha expect to be tested in key dimensions including:

* Creative Smarts - Solving Puzzles (and playing bridge lol).
* Energy - Present and the Present Again Better.
* Improvisation - Be flexible and open to what's happening now. 
* Get WHACKED and Keep On Ticking.

That last bullet is my interpretation of what interviewing at Berkshire must be like, but bet you learn about yourself fast. The implication I love is highly credentialed people taking a test in real time.

Buffett could care less about what is on paper. He wants to take you out for a test drive and see how you tick. I've been in a similar interviews. Here is 5 Tips For How To Prepare For A Buffett-like Interview:

* Challenge your habits and assumptions daily. Do something NEW or try something new every darn day.
* Achieve a BHAG so you get to know yourself in that special way only BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) teach (riding a bicycle across America did this for me).
* Look for situations where you lose patience and rinse and repeat until you have patience, listen better and hear the subtext that is always there but rarely heard.
* VIDEO yourself presenting CONSTANTLY. Ask for feedback and the NASTIER the better (see the point about patience).
* Practice LISTENING daily (repeat and summarize for agreement, learn to ask great "open ended" questions and have someone grade you on listening - make that someone your significant other and you will listen better or get divorced...I'm divorced btw :).

Another helpful reference is to remember the "Rules of Improvisation". Sounds like an oxymoron right? Actually I've used the rules of improv to help train Internet marketing too:

Rules of Improvisation

1) Don't Deny

2) Don't ask open ended Questions

3) You don't have to be funny.

4) You can look good if you make your partner look good.

5) Tell a story.

Practice those 5 skills and mix in rules of improv look forward to getting hired by Warren Buffett or whoever :). M  

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Choose Between Money and Love And You Know What Should Win

Choose Between Money and Love And You Know What Should Win | Personal Branding Using Scoopit |

This discussion seems to be always too hard.

I am coming to realize that regardless of being profitable or not, doing what you love is the way to go.

Don't know what you wanna be when you grow up? Well... pick what you like to do most at this very same moment and go for it.

If you change your mind, you then can decide whether you should quit again and pursuit something else. 


Another good reading on this line of thought is "The Dip" by Seth Godin.


Please fail. And fail a lot. But be sure you get into something because you love it and are willing to work hard for it to overcome the difficulties. Otherwise it may not be worth investing your time in it.

***** Agree. I left corporate America after reading Your Money Or Your Life to start (now RIP). Ever play with magnetic words on a refrigerator or locker? Chances are our specialty gift company sold Magnetic Poetry Kit to the specialty gift store you purchased them from - so our company touched millions of people. Then we failed, but creating one of the first B2C and B2B websites meant I found a job in this new thing called Internet marketing as a Director of Ecommerce. I loved selling things online and helped my employers make millions.

Then I quit to ride a bicycle across America because, as a cancer survivor, I know life is not an infinite journey :). Got home from a 3,000 mile bicycle ride and found a great job as a Director of Internet Marketing for Raleigh web developers Atlantic BT. Somehow things work out, so Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow (another good book). I agree with The Dip as being a great, fast read on the importance of knowing if you are in a dip or at a dead end.

Inspirational Scoop. Thanks.

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