“I want a million followers” is not a social media strategy. | Social Media Today | Personal Branding Using Scoopit | Scoop.it

Often the first result that people want from their social media strategy is a mass of followers.

***** Agree, a mass of followers poorly served ends up hurting site heurstics. The 1:10:89 rule says 1% will contribute something of value, 10% will vote on what the 1% creates and 89% ride for free. The reason the 1:10:89 rule is important is 1% of 1M is 10,000. If 10K people decide they've been poorly served and take it out on your site's reputation, remember these followers were gained via social, good luck with that.

No, wanting a million followers is certainly NOT a social media strategy nor does social, done right, ever go that way. Social media is much more one brick at a time than viral. Viral is tough to count on. Viral is the ultimate crapshoot. Better to build your social media house one brick at a time since then it stands and doesn't get blown over in a storm.


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