Why I Write Out of FEAR and JOY Every Damn Day | Personal Branding Using Scoopit | Scoop.it

I write out of FEAR. Writing, ability so many take for granted is a magic carpet ride for me. I had dyslexia so bad in 2nd grade I had to draw stick figures above words I was trying to spell.

I write every day now to keep gears oiled, share discoveries and the joy of being alive. The second brick that fell into the dam for me was hearing "cancer" and my name in the same sentence.

"Wait," I remember thinking, "There was supposed to be more time. As it turned out there was more time, but getting into the habit of writing and sharing 1,000 words a day helps me feel I'm not taking TIME for granted nearly as much as before.

This note links to GooglePlus where two friends kid me about being verbose. I wanted to be sure and share WHY I write daily - because I'm scared if I stop writing or slow down rust will set in and I will regret not sharing something that needed sharing.

Both fears may, at this point, be irrational, but the habit is set and beneficial for me. Since reading may be the most voluntary of acts I'd always assumed my "verbosity" was understood (it wasn't) and my readers knew how much joy the ability to match words that float in my mind out through my fingers and to you creates (they didn't).

I write out of a desire to share and because every word reminds me how far we've come. The note on GPlus explains the role my mom played. Moms are amazing and mine wouldn't hear anything other than we had a problem (dyslexia) and for every problem there is a solution. If that meant a little more work then that is what we would do.

Moms are amazing and so are friends. Hope this note on GPlus explains why writing is such a magic carpet ride for me.