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8 Visual Marketing Tips From Vogue
* Be Specific & Use BIG NUMBERS to help.
* Be Branded Use Known Brands.
* Be Welcoming (LI Pic should be looking right at camera).

* Be Topical - frame achievements in current keywords and trends.

* Use alliteration and rhythm in headlines.

* Create juxtapositions and contrasts like "street chic" or "power user".

* Use Action Verbs such as create, sell, develop, market.
* Simple colors (black, red, white).

If you are logged in and viewing my LinkedIn Profile ( ) you will see my fledgling attempt to adopt these 8 visual marketing tips to an important "personal branding" tool - my LinkedIn Profile. Use of big visual numbers and known brands helps wrap my brand in "known" and "trusted" while walking a fine line.

Personal brands that are too "known" can seem boring and not exceptional. Blending trusted messaging via keywords and brands with creativity and challenge is the fine line every "personal brand" must walk.