NatGeo Causes An Uproar With GREAT Big Cat Marketing | Personal Branding Using Scoopit |
Learn more about the National Geographic Cause an Uproar campaign to save big cats. The Big Cats Initiative is funding on-the-ground conservation projects and education to slow the decline of big cats.

Marty Note
I have a "Big Cat" in my house, my Bengal housecat Lucian. I'm going to make a donation in Lucian's name this holiday because big cats need to stick together.

When I saw a lion on the screen with my brother just before James Bond came racing on the screen I said, "I have one of those at home". He said, "You mean that cat that hides under the bed when I come over?" 

Yes my "Big Cat" hides under the bed when strangers come in, but that is only because he wants to attack from stealth (lol).  

BTW, this is great marketing by NatGeo.