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In the new world for Millennials, the paradigm is personal branding. And it's only becoming more personal.

Marty Note
I feel for the the Millenials. This "Generation Y" group born roughly in the 1980s to the early 2000s have LESS of almost everything. They have less investment in training by the companies they join. They have less opportunities by virtue of the digital economy and grinding recession. They must educate and brand themselves.

This is a great Curatti post. Here is my favorite section:

"Simon Sinek, author of “The Power of Why” and the TED talk everyone should see, explores branding from the perspective of “why”, not “what” as people traditionally are told to think. He cites Apple and their belief that great technology should be beautiful, easy to use, and be met with good customer service. Only after does Apple mention those strengths is there a call to action, as opposed to most other products which start with the reason, and hit on why later on in the conversation or advertisement."

Great perspective everyone must master since, like the Millennials, we are in charge of what we stand for and its expression in the world otherwise known as our personal brand.  

Great Point from Jan Gordon about Millenial Advantages
Thanks Marty, for the scoop, love your insights. Yes, the Millennials have their challenges like any other generation but they have the advantage of technology and social networking, no longer tied to a resume but a digital footprint that is a living breathing story of who they are - personal branding is a must today which puts them at an advantage if they do it right.