Huggable People #11: Martin (Marty) Smith – What Does Crowdfunding, Riding A Bike Across America, Selling Worldly Possessions And Cancer Research Have In Common? | Personal Branding Using Scoopit |

Honored to be a "Huggable People" even if reading about my life feels more chaotic than living it was (I think lol). @Carla Deter is kind and generous to "hug" me like this. 

Hugs are VERY important to cancer patients and survivors, so Hug a cancer survivor today and remember to never take the magic carpet ride of life for granted.

Appreciate mentions of  and forgot to thank @Guillaume Decugis and @Ally Greer. Thanks always to you and Marc for letting me play with your wonderful toy. Your toy is why I'm a Huggable People :). Marty