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Rescooped by Jimi Paradise from sustainable architecture!

Prefab Connected to the Land: House for Gudrun, Austria

Prefab Connected to the Land: House for Gudrun, Austria | FASHION & LIFESTYLE! |

With a tight budget, focusing on the most necessary in terms of floor space and construction was essential for this residential project in Austria. The result is a two-room-apartment of prefabricated timber elements on a concrete foundation.

A large living space, two small bedrooms and the entrance are organized around a central core containing the bathroom and technical installations. Four large openings create unique views into the surrounding landscape. According to their orientation – private or public, varying in size and position, with or without parapet, each deeply cut opening has its own characteristic.

A large window to the west offering an idyllic view of the landscape and an entrance leading to the neighbors and outdoors. Sitting on the wooden terrace, the homeowner finds peace and nature, receiving regular visits of neighbors and even those from local rabbits, foxes and deer...

Via Lauren Moss
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Rescooped by Jimi Paradise from Geography Education!

Timelapse of Route 66

USA Route 66 Cross Country Road Trip Map, Data, Summary, Photos, Equipment Used: ...


I saw this video on an Atlantic Cities article and was struck by the rural and "off-the-beaten path" feel that timelapse of the Mother Road manages to capture.  Route 66 looms large in Americana, in part because it represents a bygone era, a time when the automobile was new and exciting. This empowered many to make a cross-country road trip, but during this time the car was not so ubiquitous that it was the overwhelming force that is so visually prominent in urban landscapes as it is today.  The historical and cultural critique of the U.S. automobile culture in the Pixar movie Cars may be fictional and for a child audience, but it is quite accurate in noting that cities disconnected from the interstate system sharply declined and were never the same.  These places represent for many people then, a classic pop culture landscape of yesteryear.  


Tags: transportation, landscape, place, culture, timelapse.

Via Seth Dixon
Jon Meyerjon's curator insight, November 6, 2013 8:13 AM

The Route 66 trip in 3 min. Wow! Great work.