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Le Marche Men's Shoes: Fabiano Ricci

Le Marche Men's Shoes: Fabiano Ricci | FASHION & LIFESTYLE! |

Fabiano Ricci is a brand committed to the best tradition of fine Made in Italy footwear production.
The company is located in the picturesque hills of the Le Marche region, which is known as the heart of the Italian footwear industry where artisans have honed their skills over generations.

Fabiano Ricci has always offered a wide and diverse range of footwear created for a selected market looking for classic handmade shoes as well as dress or casual and sport shoes: always stylish.

Fabiano Ricci collaborates with designers and technicians in order to create unique styles for clients. The collections branded Fabiano Ricci are the result of an in-depth experience and advanced research.

The purpose is to keep alive the handmade tradition using top quality shapes and materials. Fabiano Ricci is distributing all over the world his own products of men’s footwear: to wholesalers, retailers, specialty shops and retail chains.

Via Mariano Pallottini
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Men in love...

Men in love... | FASHION & LIFESTYLE! |

Via Kim
Pierre Lewandowski's comment, November 13, 2011 7:07 AM
Very true...but sometimes efforts are vain...
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6 Habits to Chisel a Solid 6-Pack

6 Habits to Chisel a Solid 6-Pack | FASHION & LIFESTYLE! |
If you can't see your abs, don't assume it's because you're missing out on a magical abdominal exercise or secret supplement.


Blame your mindset. The solution: six simple habits to help strip away lard for and fast track your 6-pack.


You see, losing belly flab is a boring process. It requires time, hard work, and most important, dedication.


Take the right steps every single day, and you'll ultimately carve out your six-pack.


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