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Teacher Education for Languages with Technology / Formation des enseignants de langue avec les TICE
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Audio Diaries: feedback via SoundCloud

Audio Diaries: feedback via SoundCloud | TELT |

The concept of Audio Diaries is actually quite simple. Students record something (on or off topic, with or without using target vocabulary or language structures). Students are then given feedback on their grammatical, lexical, and phonological errors. Finally, students re-record the same exact monologue, but this time, they must address their errors. In this way, students are getting delayed corrective feedback and forced uptake of feedback, in addition to raising their noticing and metacognitive skills. They are also getting individual attention, targeted practice in their “weak” areas, and more opportunities for speaking without the pressures of speaking in class.

Aside form typical complaints about too much homework, students seem to enjoy Audio Diaries. They enjoy the feedback and being able to have another chance to express their thoughts in a clearer way. In addition, by listening more closely to individuals I am better able to pinpoint and help them with their weaknesses in and out of class. Likewise, I am better able to notice persistent and common patterns and address them in class.

Shona Whyte's insight:

Some background on the role of feedback on learning, links to technical information, and some action research on regular audio recording for accuracy in oral production.


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Réaliser une interview à distance, et la publier

Réaliser une interview à distance, et la publier | TELT |

Interroger un chercheur éloigné, discuter avec un correspondant d'un autre pays, rencontrer un écrivain à distance ? En cours de sciences, de langues ou de lettres, il est possible de réaliser une conférence téléphonique. Et pourquoi ne pas la mettre en ligne sur internet ?

Via Frédéric DEBAILLEUL, Shona Whyte