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OECD report on Italian Strategy for Digital Schools - IWB as Trojan horse

OECD report on Italian Strategy for Digital Schools - IWB as Trojan horse | TELT |

"The Italian Ministry of Education launched in 2007 a National Plan for Digital Schools (Piano Nazionale Scuola Digitale) to mainstream Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Italian classrooms and use technology as a catalyser of innovation in Italian education, hopefully conducing to new teaching practices, new models of school organisation, new products and tools to support quality teaching. The Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research asked the OECD to review its Plan from an international perspective and to suggest improvements."


This OECD report shows how the Italian authorities have focused on the IWB as a vector for change (Trojan horse) and recommends concentrating on innovative teachers and classes to fuel further change.

Shona Whyte's insight:

Given my interest in IWBs, this paragraph caught my eye:

"The central device of the Italian plan is the interactive whiteboard, a technology that teachers can start using without facing high entry costs and whose possible uses fit all existing modes of teaching and learning – from the more traditional to the more innovative. For this reason, the interactive whiteboard has proven very popular among teachers internationally. IWBs are consistently found, in international research, to act as a “Trojan horse” in drawing the vast majority of teachers to increase their use of ICT tools for work-related purposes (Lee, in press; Somekh, Haldane, et al., 2007): once they have an IWB in their classroom, teachers do not necessarily change their preferred mode of classroom interaction, but can be expected to increase their use of the internet and the personal computer for lesson planning (by browsing for digital resources) and for interacting with colleagues."


The conclusion to the report is also interesting:

"The plan uses its very modest funding to implement a convincing and ambitious vision of innovation at the margin. It rightly concentrates on schools and teachers eager to initiate change, favours tools that are not disruptive to current teaching practices, tries to create a demand that can engage other stakeholders to contribute to the plan, focuses on pedagogic uses of technology rather than merely on equipment, and addresses the importance of professional development and of expanding the availability of digital pedagogic resources. It exploits synergies with other ICT policies and has successfully involved regions in its implementation and scale up strategy."


 Francesco Avvisati, Sara Hennessy, Robert B. Kozma, Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin (2012)

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Scooped by Shona Whyte!

Ready to teach

Ready to teach | TELT |

"Ready to Teach, il sito di risorse per insegnanti di inglese..."


A website developed at the University of Valle d'Aosta to support Italian teachers of EFL, it has materials on language and culture, including these links to other online teaching/learning resources.

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