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EFL teacher and Lathophobic Aphasic complains:


"For the last four weeks I have walked into class every morning to find twenty-odd silent Chinese kids, each staring raptly at the screen of their smartphone, poking or stroking it as it were some fascinating little creature. They do not appear to register my presence. Even when I yell 'OK, put your phones away now, please!' there is no immediate response beyond a wordless 'yeah, hang on, we'll get back to you.' I repeat my request a little less politely and ask that the phones be switched off and put out of sight. We can then begin the lesson, but it will be necessary before the end to ask them several more times to put away their phones, and on occasion to actually confiscate the bloody things, setting them on the casing of the AV equipment where ever and anon they ping and buzz to each other like little aliens."