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"Dr. Doug Belshaw is a Researcher/Analyst at JISC Advance where he researches and advises on issues around open education and innovation. A former teacher and senior leader with experience of all sectors, Doug is also co-kickstarter of Purpos/ed which aims to encourage and sustain debate around the purpose(s) of education. Doug recently completed his doctorate on digital and new literacies which, as an open practitioner, he has shared online since he began writing it."


Shona Whyte:

Very interesting presentation, 18 minute TED format, Doug Belshaw follows Stephen Downes in taking remixing and memes seriously and argues for a progressive rather than sequential approach to developing digital literacy, starting from the intersection between learners' interests and wider digital issues or needs.  Much to reflect on for teachers of languages with technology, not least a possible parallel between acquiring language skills and acquiring digital skills ...

Via Teresa Pombo, João Greno Brogueira, Jim Lerman